The Andalusian fort of Bizerte

The Andalusian fort of Bizerte is a fortress located on the slope of the hill of Dhar el Koudia in Bizerte not far from the Andalusian suburb (hence its name).

It dominates the city of Bizerte and protects it.

Bizerte does not fail to impress you with its unique architecture. The Andalusian quarter is one of those quarters left by the Spanish Mulismos who took refuge in the city after being expelled from Spain. It was almost two centuries before Ottoman rule.

To get to this beautiful district, you have to follow the rue de l’Abattoir “la rue de l’Abattoir”. Once you find yourself in the middle of beautiful studded gates and moucharabiehs, you will know that you have reached the neighborhood.

This fort has a polygonal shape with thirteen sides and a single entrance which overlooks a courtyard occupied by a few very reworked casemates.

The monument was built on the site of a 16th century medieval castle by the Turkish architect Caid Farhat

Originally it formed a starry polygon with four branches whose thickness of the walls reached 20m. the fort was restored after by Ali Pasha after the Tunisian-French war (1740-1743)

The Andalusian fort in pictures

The Andalusian fort of Bizerte : Le fort Andalous de Bizerte
The Andalusian fort of Bizerte : Le fort Andalous de Bizerte

The fort on the map

Le fort sur la carte

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