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5-days Star wars Tour

Description of the Star Wars Tour in Tunisia

The Star wars tour in Tunisia is a 5-day tour departing from the island of Djerba. This circuit is the ideal circuit for lovers of the Saga to travel in the footsteps of Georges Lucas and Skywalker in the south of Tunisia! Between the island of Djerba, Tataouine Matmata and Tozeur, you will visit all the Star Wars filming locations! You will visit the Ksours which served as slave quarters, the House of Ben and that of Lars, you will discover the Igloo in the middle of the salt lake and the village Mos Espa considered the largest Star Wars site in Tunisia.

About the Star Wars Tour in Tunisia

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Departure time: 8:30 a.m.
  • Support: All of Tunisia (our team picks you up where you are)
  • Confirmation: immediate
  • Guide: Arabic – French – English – German – Italian
  • Type of transport: Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Excursion approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office
  • Cancellation: free up to 7 days before the date of the excursion


  • Take advantage of a pick-up from your address where you are in Tunisia
  • Discover a large part of southern Tunisia
  • Enjoy a hike between the Ksours of Beni Khadech, off the beaten track
  • Hike through the Berber villages of Chenini, Douiret and Toujane
  • Cross the great sand dunes in the footsteps of camels
  • Visit Tozeur and Nefta and discover the greatest Star Wars sets
  • Cross Chott Djerid, the largest salt lake in North Africa
  • Explore the Chebika, Tamerza and Mides mountain oases
  • Get in touch with nature and dive deep into local life
  • Possibility to customize the circuit according to your desires


Day 1: Mos Eisley and Ben’s house

circuit star wars tunisie

The Star Wars circuit begins in Djerba, the location of several scenes, the most famous of which is the cantina of Chalmun!

Day’s tours:

Ajim (Mos Eisley – Episode IV)

– Control by stormtroopers: Control of Ben and Luke by stormtroopers (“These are not the droids you are looking for.”); the place is very difficult to recognize, due to the modification of the sets at the time by the film crew.

– La Cantina de Chalmun: As above, the place is difficult to recognize, especially since the building (an old traditional Berber bakery) is in a more or less advanced state of disrepair. In addition, it is (was?) also threatened with disappearance to build modern buildings, which had given rise to an international movement to save it.

– The flight of the Millennium Falcon under the stormtroopers’ beard: The alley is a few streets south of the “stormtrooper checkpoint” and is quite difficult to find, but on the other hand more easily recognizable.

Ajim (House of Ben – Episode IV)

3 km north of Ajim, on the coastal road leading to Sidi Jemour, is the old fisherman’s house which was used to film, in April 1976, the house of Ben Kenobi during his exile on Tatooine. It has become a high place of “pilgrimage”, and is therefore regularly maintained.

Note that since the Special Edition of the Trilogy in 1997, the original house has been replaced in the film by a shot of a miniature and a digital painting, radically changing its appearance…

Sidi Jemour (Anchorhead, Mos Eisley – Episode IV)

A dozen kilometers north of Ajim, still by the coastal road, is the marabout (= domed tomb) of Sidi Jemour (or Sidi Jmour). Also considered a mosque, it is a popular place of religious pilgrimage.

2 scenes from Episode IV were filmed there in April 1976:

A cut scene outside Anchorhead: This cut scene is actually made up of 2: the one at Toshi station, and the one between Luke and Biggs

The arrival scene of Luke and Ben in a speeder at Mos Eisley: Note that this scene, like many of Mos Eisley, has undergone many changes over the course of the Trilogy.

Departure to Ksar Jouamaa and night in an 18th century attic.

Day 2: The planet Tatooine and the slave quarters

circuit star wars tunisie
After breakfast, head to the town of Tataouine, where Georges Lucas got the name Tatooine from, but where no Star Wars scenes were actually filmed.

The first visit will be to the famous Ksar Hadada: Like two other ksours located around Tataouine (Ksar Medenine and Ksar Ouled Soltane), it was used to film, on August 10, 1997, the sets of Mos Espa, in this case the slave quarters, in Episode I (scene where Qui-Gon contacts Obi-Wan by comlink, and scene with Shmi “He has no father…”).

Next, head to the Berber village of Chenini to enjoy a hike with a local guide.

Enjoy a good typical lunch in a local restaurant then head to the second Ksar, called Ouled Soltane:

The Ksar Ouled Soltane is located southeast of Tataouine. It is one of the best preserved, renovated and busiest ksours in Tunisia. It is a mountain ksar, which has 2 distinct courtyards, and more than 400 ghorfas (storage cells), on 4 or 5 levels.

It served, like the other 2 ksours above, as a setting for Mos Espa in Episode I, in August 1997, for the slave quarters.

Head to Matmata where you will spend the night in a hotel where Star Wars scenes were filmed

Day 3: Star Wars between Matmata and Tozeur

circuit star wars tunisie
During this day you will visit:

The Sidi Idriss hotel:

which includes 5 interior courtyards: 4 of them being surrounded by rooms, and the fifth, named “Star Wars courtyard”, constituting the restaurant. It was this that served as the setting for the Lars’ dining room and kitchen, as well as the courtyard.

The Canyon of Sidi Bouhlel:

– Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
– The English Patient (1996)

On the way to Tozeur and just after Chott Djerid, is the village of Dakas, and just 2 km north-east of this village, we find the Marabout of Sidi Bouhlel, this one being located at the southern end of the “Star Wars Canyon”, where several scenes were shot mainly from Episode IV for the Jundland desert (shooting in March 1976), as well as some passages from the pod race from Episode I.

Here are some scenes from the episode shot in this canyon:
Episode IV: Jundland Desert

R2-D2 is captured by the Jawas
Luke and C-3PO find R2-D2, and are attacked by the Tuskens, then rescued by Ben
Luke and Ben discover the sandcrawler and the Jawas slaughtered by the Imperials
Luke and Ben watch Mos Eisley in the distance
Part I:

Tuskens shoot pod race competitors
Appendix: Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark: all the scenes of the film supposed to take place in Egypt having in fact been shot in Tunisia (for example: Cairo was filmed in Kairouan, and Tanis a short distance from the canyon) , the same goes for the scene where Indy threatens Belloq to blow up the Ark, shot in the Star Wars Canyon.

Dinner and night in a 4* hotel

Day 4: Lars farm and Mos Espa village

Mos Epsa ; circuit star wars tunisie

During this day we will visit various Star Wars filming locations in Tunisia. The first visit will be the Lars Farm Igloo:

The igloo:

This is undoubtedly the main element of the decor: it simulates the surface entrance to the Lars farm, and has become almost a symbol of Star Wars, and in any case of Tatooine. It was originally built in 1976, then rebuilt in 2000, identically and in the same place. It is only a “hollow” decor: there is nothing inside and it leads nowhere.

Just around, there were other decorations that have completely disappeared over time and we can cite:

Hydroponic gardens:

Located behind the igloo, there is not much left, except the outline, and some pieces that formed the “roof”.

The craters:

There are 3 of them: a large one, a small one (the closest to hydroponic gardens), and a 3rd one that has completely disappeared. They represented the inner courtyards of the Lars farm (courtyards filmed elsewhere, see Matmata), including the largest one above which Luke leans when his aunt calls him, and at the edge of which he admires the twin suns. Only the outlines remain today.


Nothing remains today, except their footprints where they were implanted.

The graves:

including that of Shmi: They are located about 150 meters north of the igloo, and only the footprints remain there.

Great Dune: (Sea of ​​Sands – Episode IV)

Further north of the igloo, and north of the Algeria -> Nefta road, where the Sahara begins, is an imposing dune, the “Grande Dune”, where were filmed:

– The crash scene of the capsule of R2-D2 and C-3PO, in the “Sea of ​​Sands” of Tatooine, in Episode IV
– The scene where C-3PO walks past a Krayt dragon skeleton
– The scene where the stormtroopers find the capsule there (scene which was later lengthened with shots shot in the Yuma desert)

Mos Espa (Episode I and II):

Mos Espa: the site most easily visible, and certainly the most attractive, is the reconstitution, in the middle of the desert, of buildings, which create an entire district of Mos Espa. The sets were created by Lucas film for the filming of Episode I, in July 1997 (in particular the wanderings of Qui-Gon and his troupe in the streets and on the market of Mos Espa), and reused for Episode II (Ani’s visit to Watoo). And at the request of the Tunisian tourist office, they were left as they were, for tourist purposes. A road leads there easily from Nefta.

Yardang Field (Episode I):

In the immediate vicinity of the sets above, is the “Yardang Field”, literally “field of yardangs”, a yardang being a rocky ridge created by wind erosion in desert environments.
This is where the landing of Queen Amidala’s ship on Tatooine in Episode I was filmed, as well as all the scenes around the ship (including the Maul/Qui-Gon duel).

Oung Jmel / Camel Rock (Episode I):

2 or 3 km to the northeast of the higher scenery, is a famous rock in Tunisia, for its shape giving the illusion of the silhouette of a camel (“Oung Jmel” roughly translating into “neck of the camel”).

Episode I stopped there to locate Darth Maul’s landing site on Tatooine just opposite, and a short sequence of the pod race also passes just in front of the rock.

Night at the Ksar Rouge hotel or similar

Return to Djerba and end of our services

Day 5: Return to Djerba

Retour à Djerba : circuit star wars tunisie

Return to Djerba and end of our services

The Star Wars Tour in pictures

The 5 Days Star Wars Tour in video

Tour Itinerary


The rates below correspond to the proposal in the circuit. This price may change according to our exchanges of emails and the modifications you wish to make to the program. We are here to customize the circuits according to your desires!

Low Season : 950 euros per person

High Season : 1050 euros per person

Low Season : 750 euros per person

High Season : 850 euros per person

Low Season : 650 euros per person

High Season : 700 euros per person

This price will change from 01/01/2023. Any booking made before this date will benefit from the current rate even if it is in 2023

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