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ong jmal tozeur

Ong Jmal is a magnificent site which owes its name (the camel’s neck) to the shape of the rock which sits majestically there.

It also includes the Chott el Gharsa, a saline depression that generates mirages… and Mos Espa, the hometown of AnakinSkywalker (the future DarkVador). Indeed, it was in Ong Jmel that the first “Star Wars” was filmed.

The #SaveMosEspa international campaign, which cost 300,000 DT, saved the Star Wars sets from being buried by the advancing dunes, which move 15 meters a year. This work should give the site a respite of eight to ten years.

The Star Wars characters were present at the ITB Asia 2017 show in Singapore, to promote the site and attract Asian tourists fond of sagas.

Ong Jmal is located 20 km from Nefta, and also about 20 km from the Algerian border.


The area is known for its scorching climate, so it’s best to visit between October and April, and early enough in the morning for unshaded areas.

It is also advisable to avoid periods of torrential rain to discover Chott El Gharsa. In prolonged dry weather, a passenger car is sufficient.

Mos Espa is accessible by road, Ong Jmel and Chott el Gharsa by road and track left when leaving MOS ESPA, then left after 4 kilometers.

Take a guide for Ong Jmal: he will show you the mirages, the mica deposits and will accompany you if you climb the rock

The region is magnificent, you can stay there for a few days to discover Tozeur, the mountain oases, Nefta, Chott El Jerid and of course the desert (Tembaine and Er’rached) with a specialized guide and driver.

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