Museums of Tunisia | List of museums across Tunisia

Museums of Tunisia

The Museums of Tunisia are about thirty spread over the whole territory.
They reflect the splendor of architecture from many eras and eras.
Tunisia contains magnificent archaeological remains and many museums.
There are a good number of museums in Tunisia. distributed throughout the territory and across all regions of the country.
The museums cover all the historical and cultural aspects of the country and are divided into several types: heritage, national, oceanographic, etc.
The museums are open every day of the week except Monday for some.
Some of their exhibits are on the same site from which they were unearthed.
That’s why some of them are archaeological museums
A large part of the Museums of Tunisia reflect the history and the millennial traditions.
Tunisia having always been a crossroads of civilizations, it goes without saying that the museums will contain Roman, Byzantine, Punic, Carthaginian, Arab-Muslim objects etc…
Other museums in Tunisia present the habits and customs of the different regions of the country.