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Mos Espa

Mos Espa Star Wars site, spaceport of the planet Tatooine in the science fiction saga of “Star Wars” by director George Lucas,

The Mos Espa site was built in Ong Jmel, near Nefta, in southwestern Tunisia, in the early 1990s to serve as the main location for the filming of what was to become one of the most famous blockbuster sagas. of the American film industry.

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Tataouine and the surrounding ksour strongly inspired George Lucas for his films.

Even the name of the city, Tataouine served as the inspiration for the name of the Star Wars desert planet, Planet Tatooine.

​Tataouine was not used as a filming location for the first trilogy and was used very little for the 2000s trilogy.

The filming of the films was spread over different locations in southern Tunisia.

Around Tozeur, around Tataouine and even on the island of Djerba.

The Ksar Medenine and Ksar Ouled Soltane authentic sets for the filming of the “Star Wars” films

The Ksar Medenine is located in the city, and like the Ksar Hadada, it served as the setting for the slave quarters of Mos Espa.

Two scenes were filmed there: The arrival at Anakin’s house in the storm and Anakin’s departure with Qui-Gon and his farewell to Shmi.

Hollywood does not make its choices at random and, when it is sure of its product, it never skimps on means and ideas.

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