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Ksar Jouamaa Beni Khedache

The hotel restaurant Ksar Jouamaa, in the heart of the mountains, where the sun mixes with the infinite immensity, is a stone fortress which stands at the top of the mountain.
In its heart are peace and silence. Then, the Ghorfas as refuges, welcome travelers and their confidences.
Faced with the splendor of this immensity that surrounds it and the purity of the horizon, the soul comes face to face with itself and allows the spirit to find itself.
Between the stones, the rays of the sun slip as if to reflect the beauty of this rock palace in the mirror of the world.
Take advantage of the services offered: Café, Restaurant, animated evenings, Music… but also a play and reading area for your children and an open space for your meetings, seminars, workshops, etc…
Discover a unique heritage and let yourself be surprised by landscapes as grandiose as they are moving, between excursions, hikes or visits to water points. Prepare to be blown away.

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