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Ksar Ghilane Travel Guide

Ksar Ghilane Travel Guide presents a region located on the eastern edge of the Grand Erg Oriental, is an oasis in the Great South of Tunisia, reputed to be the southernmost of the Tunisian oases and one of the gateway to the Tunisian Sahara desert. This oasis is fed by a hot spring which would have thermal virtues, in which one can bathe.

Ksar Ghilane has long been difficult to access: it is now linked by an asphalt road to Douz (80 kilometers to the north) or Matmata, which can be used by off-road vehicles or private or rental cars. It serves as a refuge for some fifty nomadic families living from the exploitation of date palms, the breeding of goats and sheep and an increasingly important tourist activity. Several activities are offered: quad biking, motorbiking, horseback riding or camel rides on camels.

During your visit, you can enjoy the sandy landscapes, while enjoying the relative coolness of the oasis and the comfort of swimming in a hot spring.


To stay in the region, there are three camps with Berber tents and a luxury hotel with around sixty air-conditioned tents, a guest house and a ranch with private rooms for overnight stays. A few cafes and a restaurant are located around the source in addition to those in the camps.

As its name suggests (ksar is an Arabic word meaning “castle”), it houses a fort dating from Roman times, Tisavar, located on the limes that follows the edge of the desert.

The Tunisian government proposed it on February 17, 2012 for future classification on the Unesco World Heritage List. A kilometer to the east is erected a stele, the column of General Leclerc, which testifies to the passage of his army in 1943 during the battle of Ksar Ghilane, bearing the following inscription: “Here, from February 23 to March 10 1943, General Leclerc and Force L, coming from Chad, victoriously supported the assault of the enemy forces, inflicting severe losses on them. ”Great South!

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Ksar Ghilane is the place where you don’t risk getting bored! Between its ruins, its hot spring, its activities, its dunes and its camels, there is plenty to fill a week. Discover with us the essentials of Ksar Ghilane.

Ksar Ghilane Travel Guide: What to do ?

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