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Ksar Zahra in Tataouine

Ksar Zahra in Tataouine in the south of Tunisia, little visited and built around two courtyards, is unique by its location in the heart of the village.

The inhabitants have kept the habit of making it a place of life and you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to see the elders playing Kharbga (game resembling checkers with small pebbles) while the children return from school.

A ghorfa is a semi-cylindrical room with a door opening onto the courtyard. The depth of the room can be between 4 and 5m and the height and width can reach 2m. Two neighboring ghorfas can be communicating.

The ceiling of the ghorfa can be adorned with inscriptions and decorations. The ventilation of the room is done by two perforated holes in the interior and exterior walls.

Access to the upper ghorfas is via a rudimentary staircase made up of bars of olive wood.

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