Intermediate Kitesurf Course Tunisia Travel Guide

Intermediate Kitesurf Course

The Intermediate Kitesurfing Course in Djerba, a sporting activity accessible to all and which will bring you the strongest sensations, from an early age!

Tunisia Travel Guide offers kitesurfing training courses (initiation or improvement, lagoon or sea), but also complete and adapted formulas which include quality accommodation.

The Intermediate Kitesurfing Course in Djerba is not just a simple technical learning of kitesurfing & Stand Up Paddle but also new encounters, new adventures, new sensations and a discovery of this charming island.

The Intermediate Kitesurfing Course for all levels in the best spots on the island of Djerba. Experienced and certified IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) instructors: learning, support and level improvement.

Intermediate Kitesurf Course

If you are ready to get more advanced and ready to learn more about the art of kitesurfing! Learn to master riding in all directions as well as basic jumping techniques! Learn how to help your friends with board recovery! Our instructor will show various techniques like how to jump and how to save another rider and his board. Theoretical topics will include how to better assess your riding location, kiteboarding safety and more on how to trim your kite.

  • From 12 years old
  • Djerba kitesurf spot
  • Lifeboat
  • Private beach
  • Transport included


You will learn to :

  • Small 2-line sail pilot
  • Discovery of security equipment and systems
  • Discover the flight window
  • Kite control
  • Wing take-off and landing
  • Move and control the kite with one hand
  • First edges on the board
  • Swimming treated against the wind

For group lessons you are max 2 per Monitor and Kite

Price : 300 €

This price will change from 01/01/2023. Any booking made before this date will benefit from the current rate even if it is in 2023

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