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Houmt Souk, capital of Djerba

Houmt Souk city is the administrative capital of the Tunisian island of Djerba. It is located about twenty kilometers from Ajim (point of arrival on the island by ferry) and El Kantara (point of arrival on the island by the so-called Roman road).

It is the main city of the municipality of Djerba-Houmt Souk which is both the capital of a delegation and the seat of a municipality with four districts for 75,904 inhabitants (2014) and covering 176.54 km2 without counting the district of Mezraya. The city of Houmt Souk alone has a population of 75,904 inhabitants in 2014. The municipality depends on the governorate of Medenine.

The city of Houmt Souk would have developed on the site of an ancient Roman city called Gerba or Girba, birthplace of two Roman emperors, Trebonien Galle and his son Volusien; it gave its name to the whole island. The inhabitants of Houmt Souk are called Souaga (plural of Sougui) by other inhabitants of the island Houmt Souk is located on a plain on the north coast of the island devoid of rivers. The water table is generally brackish, as illustrated by the presence of artesian wells dug during the French protectorate. Among these is Bir Erroumi, 767 meters deep, with hot and ferruginous water.

The city itself is divided into four sectors: Taourit, Boumellel, Essouani and Ejjouamaâ, the other sectors of the municipality being Mellita, Hachène, Fatou, Mezraya, Cedghiane, Erriadh and Oualegh. These sectors are located in the northern (Taourit and Essouani) and southern parts of the city (Boumellel and Ejjouamaâ), the commercial center overlapping the four sectors. The sea borders the city to the north; the depth of the seabed is shallow off Houmt Souk: you have to move nine kilometers from the coast to reach the – 5 meter curve. The magnitude of the tides there also reaches 1.30 meters

Houmt Souk in pictures

Houmt Souk city in video

What to do ? What to visit in Houmt Souk ?

No risk of getting bored at Houmt Souk. There are a thousand and one things to discover and visit. The unique fish auction in the world, the Spanish fort, the fishing port, the market, the covered souk, the marina, the museum, the Jewish quarter, the jewelers’ souk, the thousand souvenir shops and ‘crafts … The list is really too long.

Le marché aux poissons de Djerba

The fish market

Le port de pêche  de Houmt Souk

The fishing harbour

La Marina de Houmt Souk

The Marina

Le Souk couvert Houmt Souk Djerba

The Covered Souk

Pyramide des épices Houmt Souk

The spice market

Marché des fruit et légumes de Houmt Souk Djerba

Houmt Souk central Market

Eglise Houmt Souk

The church

La place de poterie à Houmt Souk Djerba

The pottery square

Houmt Souk on the map